Spinning Yarn

I need to start spinning yarn more often. Not fluffly soft thready yarn, but knitted word yarn. In plainer speech I really should be writing more, on here and in my notebooks and just in general really. I feel bad when I look at the empty pages of my multitudes of notebooks. I am an incredibly unfaithful writer. 

So perhaps in a month or so, once the new quarter of college begins and I (hopefully) have a bit less of a workload, I’ll attempt the 100 themes writing challenge for the third time. Or maybe I’ll make one for myself.

Although I have been collaborating with a friend, and so I guess I really have been writing quite a lot, but that’s going to come to an end eventually and I really don’t want my words to go stale. So that’s the plan. Writing it here as a reminder and because I really should update more often.


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2 responses to “Spinning Yarn

  1. OKAY! Time to update!

    I am going to dedicate myself to writing/posting more too. We can hold each other accountable. Keep writing! You are so talented.

    • (Only just saw this! I ought to check on my posts more often instead of just lurking on the blogs I follow)
      Anyhow, good luck with that! It’s far too easy to fall out from posting. And thank you :D

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